Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 World Championship: As It Happened

The 2018 World Championship had a spectacular conclusion with a Crucible final. The contest was quite enthralling throughout the various stages. Some of the highlights were:

Round One

The domination excited by Mark Selby as the World Champion was extremely great. However, the King of Crucible suffered a major blow against Joe Perry in round one. Ronnie O’Sullivan, meanwhile, was able to achieve an incredible 10-7 victory over Steven Maguire. As a result, Ronnie O’Sullivan has been able to become the second player to reach thousand frames.

Round Two

The second round witnessed a remarkable set of intensity and drama. The high point of this round was the competition between Carter and O’Sullivan. Despite having a huge deficit against the latter, Carter was able to lead for most of the match. The pair exchanged some heated words in the game but Carter came a successful with a 13-9 win. Meanwhile, John Higgins was able to equal the biggest second round victory after his 13-1 victory over Lisowski.


One of the best matches of the tournament came about in the quarter-finals when Trump took on Higgins. This was a rematch of the World Championship 2011 final. Higgins was able to come out 18-15 winner at the Sheffield Venue. Another epic game played out as a result. for the majority of the game, Higgins found himself on the back foot with a 7-3 deficit and even a 11-9 deficit. However, he was able to come away with a spectacular 13-12 victory.


There was incredible drama and tension in the semifinals, which effectively boiled down to the games between Barry Hawkins and Mark Williams. The latter was competing in the last four for the first time since 2011 and he was able to come away with a 17-15 win. The other semi-final was one by Higgins, who beat Kyren Wilson 17-13.


Higgins and Williams clashed in the finals; the latter featured in the last stage of the competition for the first time since 2003. Despite a 14-7 lead for Williams, Higgins was able to get back before the victory was made secure by a 17-15 score.