Monday, November 12, 2018

Ronnie O'Sullivan wins Champion of Champions

Ronnie O'Sullivan won his 32 non-ranking title on Sunday, beating Kyren Wilson in a dramatic decider.

Early lead

After losing the first frame, The Rocket reached quite easily a 5-1 advantage in the first session, which eventually ended 6-3 and had only 4 frames to win the trophy. Wilson fought back and, amazingly, lead 9-8 and a 67 break when he missed a red, a miss which turned into a frame for O'Sullivan.

Dramatic decider

At 9-9, both players committed faults (Wilson pocketed a red with the black ball) while O'Sullivan touched a red ball with his waistcoat.
Eventually, O'Sullivan won the frame with a century break (no 968 in his career) and snatched the trophy for the third time. Watch below the decider between Ronnie and Kyren:

After the match

Ronnie O'Sullivan: "We didn't play great. I know he can play better and I know I can play better. For me, I am just pleased to be competing. If I win I win and, if I don't, I don't. It's just nice to be playing. I was lucky. He should've won it. I got away with that double."

Kyren Wilson: "It's hard. He was my hero growing up. I just wanted to make a bit of a fight of it and it was a bit of sickener to lose like that. At the interval, I just thought I want to make a fight of it and have a bit of a close match"
Both players will be attending the Northern Ireland Open this week, in Belfast.

Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 World Championship: As It Happened

The 2018 World Championship had a spectacular conclusion with a Crucible final. The contest was quite enthralling throughout the various stages. Some of the highlights were:

Round One

The domination excited by Mark Selby as the World Champion was extremely great. However, the King of Crucible suffered a major blow against Joe Perry in round one. Ronnie O’Sullivan, meanwhile, was able to achieve an incredible 10-7 victory over Steven Maguire. As a result, Ronnie O’Sullivan has been able to become the second player to reach thousand frames.

Round Two

The second round witnessed a remarkable set of intensity and drama. The high point of this round was the competition between Carter and O’Sullivan. Despite having a huge deficit against the latter, Carter was able to lead for most of the match. The pair exchanged some heated words in the game but Carter came a successful with a 13-9 win. Meanwhile, John Higgins was able to equal the biggest second round victory after his 13-1 victory over Lisowski.


One of the best matches of the tournament came about in the quarter-finals when Trump took on Higgins. This was a rematch of the World Championship 2011 final. Higgins was able to come out 18-15 winner at the Sheffield Venue. Another epic game played out as a result. for the majority of the game, Higgins found himself on the back foot with a 7-3 deficit and even a 11-9 deficit. However, he was able to come away with a spectacular 13-12 victory.


There was incredible drama and tension in the semifinals, which effectively boiled down to the games between Barry Hawkins and Mark Williams. The latter was competing in the last four for the first time since 2011 and he was able to come away with a 17-15 win. The other semi-final was one by Higgins, who beat Kyren Wilson 17-13.


Higgins and Williams clashed in the finals; the latter featured in the last stage of the competition for the first time since 2003. Despite a 14-7 lead for Williams, Higgins was able to get back before the victory was made secure by a 17-15 score.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Romanian Masters All Set to Hit Limelight

The Romanian Masters starts on Wednesday with the inaugural invitational event in Bucharest. In total, 16 players will be taking part in this opening event, and it primarily involves the top ranking players from the world. However, some crucial absentees from the event would include Ding Junhui and Ronnie O’Sullivan. This absence opens up the possibility for our players to enjoy a time in the limelight.

Sadly, the Romanian Masters will not be providing any addition to the ranking points. Instead, the winner of the title will be able to go home with a decent € 50,000 prize money on Sunday. There has been slight discontent amongst the lower ranked players about the lack of top names on a consistent basis. A bigger lineup will certainly help the event, but this current smaller lineup is largely seen as a way to fill the already inflated bank balances.

However, the argument in favour of the top-ranked players is that they have been quite consistent in recent periods. Despite the complaints, there is every possibility of the remaining players to do extremely well in this tournament. If the upcoming tournament ends up being successful, there is a significant possibility of a bigger tournament being launched in the future. Romania is not alien when it comes to the circuit and it was previously part of the 2016 European Masters.

Judd Trump was able to win the 2016 edition of the tournament by overcoming O’Sullivan. However, he has not been the best of form coming into this event. As a result, the 28-year-old is very keen on getting a positive result at the Romanian Masters – especially given that the World Championship will be in Sheffield for around a couple of weeks. The former champion will be up against Luca Brecel in the last 16 draw.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Shanghai Masters Set to Kick off In Even Bigger Scale

The Shanghai Indoor Stadium will be hosting the 2017 World Snooker Shanghai Masters. The event will be scheduled from 13th to 18th November. This has been one of the top events and has been held regularly since the inaugural event in 2007. Ding Junhui, one of the top stars from China, was able to win the title in consecutive campaigns as he managed to overcome Mark Selby. Former winners of the World Snooker Shanghai Masters include the likes of Jon Higgins, Ronnie O’Sullivan, and Mark Selby.
It is not a surprise that such top stars are taking part. Many top stars regard the Shanghai Masters as the favourite to win in the entire calendar. Yet, they are not the only one to consider this event with lofty heights. Even fans show plenty of passion and enthusiasm when it comes to the event.
The tournament manages to increase its attractiveness by featuring more players than ever before. No less than 64 players will be taking part in the final event. The tournament will be conducted over a six-day period. This intense schedule is one of the reasons behind this competitive nature. The qualifying event for this tournament begins in England on October 11. Players have to win at least one game if they are to reach the finals.
In terms of prize money, the Shanghai Masters gives players with £ 700,000. This is a substantial increase from last season, as players got to work on a prize fund of just £ 350,000. Now, the winner alone gets to make a sizeable £ 150,000. This means that the tournament equalises the record of any ranking event out of the United Kingdom.
Despite managing to get a lot of popularity, Jiushi Sports Group has promised to increase the reputation and the quality of the tournament even further.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Judd Trump Manages to Overcome Mark Allen in European Masters Semi-finals

Judd Trump was able to reach the semi-finals of the European Masters after overcoming Mark Allen in a 4-3 win. This game between the defending champion and Allen was a repeat of the UK Championship final 2011. Trump was able to come ahead get in front even in this game. The epic game was once again repeated today, as Trump managed to keep his good head-to-head record against Allen going. In the last seven meetings at a ranking tournament, Trump has been able to come out successful in five of the games against Allen. Now, Trump will be looking to end his disappointing record of never having been able to defend his seven ranking titles so far in his career.

After having reached the semi-finals, Trump is only two matches from retaining the title. Even after this defeat, Allen will be able to take plenty of positives from the game as it was a strong showing. However, it was one of the several final frame losses that he has suffered. He has now gone out of four in the last five events that he has taken part in 2017.
Trump had been involved in some tight quarters in the first few rounds of the competition, but he was able to come out in flying colours against Allen. He was able to open up a 3-0 lead rather quickly, but Allen forced himself back into the reckoning in order to provide a competitive look to the score. Breaks at 102 and 76 meant that Allen was able to get back 3-2. When both players were set up against the decider, Trump managed to take the plaudits by breaking at 70.
After the game, Trump claimed that it was extremely important for him to defend the title as it has been the way for many of the top stars in the past.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Disrespecting European Masters, Claims Barry Hearn

Ronnie O’Sullivan has been at the centre of a major controversy in the world of soccer after refusing to be part of the European Masters that takes place in Belgium. The five-time world champion cited a lower prize money as a reason for not taking part in the tournament. This comment has resulted in a significant number of criticism coming at the former number one. World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn is one of the latest names to come in with staunch criticism, as he has labelled O’Sullivan as being disrespectful.

Hearn claims that my comments from the former number one does not sit well with regard to the competition’s importance and also the importance that he places on the ability of his competitors. The explanation from O’Sullivan has been seen as disrespectful, as he appears to only value the prize money from a competition rather than the fellow professionals that he has to overcome along the way.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest snooker players of all time, he has been a professional since 1992. His first major success came when he was just 17 years old at the UK championship. As of now, he has been able to get success in 28 major tournaments, while also managing to win the world championship title on five occasions. His latest world title came in 2013 and it was also his back-to-back success. Since then, however, his domination in the game has declined to a certain extent.

Last season, O’Sullivan was only able to win the Masters and did not enjoy any success in the ranking tournaments. Yet, the player’s criticism of the European Masters is certainly not new and there have been several calls from professionals to reduce the size of the tournament from its current status of 128 events to 64 events.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Stuart Bingham Defeats Mark Selby to Reach European Masters Semi-Final

Stuart Bingham came up with a brilliant display to overcome Mark Selby in a 4-2 win. As a result of a brilliant win over the reigning world champion, Bingham was able to set up a semi-final clash at the European Masters. The victory means that Bingham has been able to end a disappointing run of three consecutive losses in ranking tournaments against Selby. Bingham, who won the 2015 Crucible, has been in good touch so far this week. He had been able to reach the quarter-finals after beating local hero Luca Brecel.

The result is a major disappointment for Selby, who was able to win the world title only back in May. The break of 65 for Bingham provided the first advantage but he was pegged back by Selby almost immediately. However, this was the only bright moment for Selby in the game, as Bingham was able to pull away with a substantial advantage from here on. Breaks at 83 and 113 were able to help Bingham establish a 3-1 lead. Even though Selby did bring one back, the final break through the decisive with Bingham getting a 4-2 victory.
After the match, the Crucible winner of 2015 claimed that he always goes into a tournament looking to win the event. He says that it is not going to be any different for the upcoming semi-final clash. Now, it is about the best of 11. Bingham will be coming up against Zhou Yuelong, who was able to get past Anthony McGill with a 4-0 win. As a result, there is still a possibility of the European Masters 2017 final witnessing an all Chinese affair. The other game sees Judd Trump set up a semi-final clash with Cao Yupeng. If Yupeng and Yuelong were able to spring surprises, the European Masters 2017 could be only the second ranking event final that witnesses two Chinese players.